Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Report of the Tragedy

Location: Mile 107 Glenn Highway
Case number: 10-59949
Type: MVC-Fatal
Text: On 7/4/2010 at approximately 1230 hours the Alaska State Troopers
received a report of a motorcycle that had gone off the Glenn Highway
near mile 107 and crashed. The AST Bureau of Highway Patrol responded to
the scene. Investigation determined Kenneth J. Greene age 63 of Ocala,
Florida, was traveling southbound on his 1998 Harley Davidson motorcycle
when he drove onto the shoulder, lost control and crashed. Greene was
ejected from the motorcycle. EMS responded to the scene and Life Med was
launched however, Greene died at the scene. Greene was not wearing a
helmet at the time of the crash. The Alaska State Medical Examiner
responded to the scene and the Next-of-Kin was notified

and a post that his son put out

Ken Green is my dad. He loved riding...it was his passion! A great man, father and grandfather has been lost. But he died doing what he loved in his "trip of a life time". I love you dad and will miss you always it was just too soon

Our Condolences to the family

No Winner Announced

"Contrary to what had previously been planned, no winner of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge was announced last night. The announcement was to have been made in Homer, AK, at a party celebrating the event. There have been many who were skeptical of this event all along and this latest delay has made skeptics of even more.
Details are still sketchy and the following reports are unconfirmed as of yet.
Hoka Hey organizer Big Jim Redcloud reportedly has announced that each rider who claims to have won the $500,000 prize must submit to an interview with an FBI agent. Making false statements in the interview would be considered fraud. According to this claim, several riders have declined to participate in the interviews.
Skeptics dispute the claim about an FBI agent doing the interviews, arguing that the FBI does not involve itself in such matters.
By another report, Frank Kelly and Will Barclay, the first two riders to reach Homer, have been disqualified because they reportedly missed a checkpoint in South Dakota.
Also, reports are circulating that another Hoka Hey rider on his way to Homer has died in a crash. Ken Greene is the name given for the rider.
We will continue to update this report as more information becomes available.
Update 4:30 p.m. MST, July 5
We have received confirmation that Ken Greene of Ocala, FL, was indeed killed in a motorcycle accident on his way to Homer. Greene was riding in the Hoka Hey. Greene is the second Hoka Hey rider killed on the ride."

Monday, July 5, 2010


Picture driving through a heavy snowstorm with your headlights on bright and you understand the bugs we killed in Oklahoma. Not even the trucker squeegee could peel them off.

I'm not sayin' it's RIGHT...

... but officer, this CAN'T be illegal.

Being a Man. Rule #47.

Kevin and I live our lives by a set of rules.

We don't have anywhere near 47 rules, but we numbered this one 47 because it only applies when in Oklahoma, and it will keep our numbering system intact as we add more rules down the line.

Furthermore, we haven't had to act on the rule in the past because it has a set of preconditions that are rarely met: you must ride all day in 90+ degree heat, you must be very tired, you must sleep next to a lake. Once we realized the preconditions had been met, we knew, as men of high moral certitude, that rule 47 had to be carried out.

Rule 47: [see preconditions] When in Oklahoma, tuck your jeans into your boots, your tanktops into your jeans, and yourself under another man's arm.

Biographers note: subjects stuck together after this shot was snapped.